About SCP Distribution Group

Originally based out of Austin, Texas – Sacred Cow Productions (SCP) was one of the first companies in the 90’s to distribute films by accepting credit cards over the Internet. After relocating to Hollywood in 2005, filmmaker and head of SCP – Kevin Booth, licensed his directorial debut documentary “American Drug War” to the Showtime network. This successful release subsequently led to a partnership of networks opening up an entirely new and highly profitable form of distribution known as Video On-Demand (VOD).

Starting in 2014 Kevin Booth and small team including his wife Traella are excited to announce the SCP Distribution Group, creating an opportunity that can be shared with other like-minded filmmakers searching for a new way to stay profitable.

Production Website: Sacred Cow Productions

Personal Website: Kevin Booth (Facebook, Twitter)

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Page: Kevin Booth (IMDb Resume)

Latest SCP Films:

American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny
How Weed Won the West
American Drug War: The Last White Hope

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